Fun Facts

  • My work in fashion, lifestyle, wellness, and luxury brands, has allowed me to execute a full-on in-depth profiles, editorial strategies, and increase audience engagement through fresh campaigns and experiences for emerging and established brands.
  • Minimum 4-5 years social media / community management experience with at least Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • I am Facebook Blueprint Certified. That means I am fully proficient in creating and buying Facebook advertising for maximum campaign impact.
  • My work as contributing editor for Deux Hommes Magazine, Editorial Director and Blogger for Prabal Gurung and ICB NYC, and content creator for OAK and Madewell has allowed me to experience innovation and quality inside an ever-evolving world of established and emerging fashion.
  • Trend forecasting, deadlines, campaigns, and brand voice has helped me bring new light to team collaborations with marketing and creative departments, as well contribute to content and on-site photos shoots.
  • My copywriting and consulting experience with Barneys, Madewell, Whole Foods, and Whole Planet have allowed me to reach an audience that is concerned with social justice, sustainability, and millennial innovation.

So How Can I Help?

Are you looking for a content, social media, product, and creative copyeditor and copywriter?

Does your high-pressure deadline require a skilled ghostwriter, proofreader, and editor to read your first manuscript or help you with a speech?

Are you seeking to learn more about Facebook campaigns and how to fully engineer your social media channels?

With three years agency experience and eight years of social media copy writing, SEO, editorial, and digital content strategy, I endeavor to step in and make an immediate contribution to any company’s continued success. Writing captivating copy across all marketing channels for ads, video, email, social, product, and company websites has given me the ability to deliver a robust understanding and know-how of speaking to various audiences at once across all platforms.

If you’re seeking an individual who can write engaging and persuasive copy while ensuring all communication, campaigns, and advertising meets company expectations for message and accuracy, that’s exactly what I’m prepared to do. My aptitude for collaborating with multiple teams across all channels, plus working with design principles and brand guidelines has given me a proven track record for all project, start-up, and campaign success.

Currently I maintain editorial calendars, execute strategy, monitor campaigns, and write copy for website, social media, and various blogs. I also develop advertising materials, improve SEO strategies, and review all pieces of collateral to ensure project guidelines and editorial standards are fully in unison with campaigns and promotions. In addition, my background experience working with brand strategists, creative teams, and senior writing staff has improved my abilities to deliver on all projects and business needs. By working closely with editorial and traffic departments I am also able to ensure that all projects are completed according to deadlines.

Lastly, my editorial, copy, social media, and digital content strategy experience has afforded me in depth understanding of the detailed work involved with creative direction, branding, blogging, and social media campaigns. My success with any endeavor comes with being detail-oriented, organized, and highly accurate.


Whether it's fashion, wellness, or lifestyle, the core and craft of my work stems from one premise: to make a lasting and immediate contribution to any company’s continued success

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